Undergraduate Research Assistant

During the Fall of 2020 I worked remotely as a research assistant in the Dynamic Adaptive Robotic Technologies (DART) Lab on the Rapid Operator Awareness with Mobile Robotics (ROAMR) Project. The focus of this project is to increase human saftey through use of a lower-body exoskeleton and tactile sensors. While this project had a separate Virtically Integrated Program (VIP) team, I worked alone, directly with one of the graduate students, Aakash Bajpai. During this semester I was restricted to designing motor housings, output gearing, and carbon fiber molds in SOLIDWORKS due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

I will not be describing the project in detail and instead focus on my contributions to it. For a greater in-depth analysis of what the project is and its main focus, please follow these links, you may need an account with IEEE for one of them:

Throughout the semester I was asked to create alternatives to the motor housing that was currently designed. These alternatives were created as a backup measure in the instance that the orignal motor was too powerful and might cause injury the operator of the exoskeleton. I created two different motor housings for two different motors, the first one is the Maxon EC 90 flat Ø90 mm, brushless, 600 W, with Hall sensors and the second motor is an Allied Motion Frameless Brushless Direct Drive Torque Motor.

Left: Maxon motor housing, Right: Allied Motion motor housing

Additionally, I redesigned the output gearing for the motors on the exoskeleton and designed 3D printed molds for carbon fiber ribs for the exoskeleton.

Output gear by itself, also shown in previous images

Carbon Fiber molds from left to right and top to bottom: top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right