CS 4641, Intro to Machine Learning: Group Project

As the title of the class suggests, CS 4641 was an introductory course for upperclassmen to learn many unsupervised and supervised machine learning algorithms. At the start of the course students were split into groups and decided what topic to structure their projects’ around. As I didn’t know many students in my section, my team consisted of myself and three people I had never met previously. We chose the prediction of heart disease as our topic. The main premise of our project was to pull datasets from online and ran them through unsupervised learning algorithms to prune and improve the consistency of our data. Once the initial pruning was complete we utilized many supervised learning algorithms, such as: support vector machines (SVM), neural networks, logistic regression, and decision trees to determine which algorithms were better suited to this topic.

All four of us worked equally on the coding, presentations, data collection, and reseach for this project. The supervised learning algorithm I was responsible for during the project was decision trees. A more in-depth analysis of this project can be viewed on the webpage we needed to create.